Friday, September 4, 2020

Old and new

I'm happy to have two of my novelettes in print (at least, electrons) this month. Both were issued a few days ago, on the 1st.

"A Case of Identity" was/is the opening novelette in a completed four-story arc -- for which a series name continues to elude me. Currently in contention are The Sherlock Chronicles and The AI PI. Whatever series name I settle upon, its opening -- and entirely standalone -- tale is reissued this month in Galaxy's Edge.

Side note: If "A Case of Identity" rings a bell (for reasons other than that you read mine first-run), that's understandable. Not coincidentally, Conan Doyle's Sherlock had an incident of that name.

But the bigger news is brand-new story, introducing a fresh narrative arc. "On the Shoals of Space-Time," also a novelette, is in this month's issue of The Grantville Gazette (in the Universe Annex department). And it's quite the adventure ...

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